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Medicine Cat Training – Beginning

The beginning period of training represents those first tentative sessions and the first steps towards building the foundation a new Medicine Cat Apprentice needs to master to be ready to step up into more advanced realms of learning.

Any files marked with ^ are currently unfinished.

Borders Tour

A tour of the clan territory is a traditional first day activity for most apprentices (exceptions are at the digression of the mentor). This gives the apprentice an opportunity to see the entire territory and helps them become familiar with it.

Introduction to StarClan

Until StarClan has confirmed the choice the Medicine Cat has made, their apprenticeship is unofficial. They must attend a Medicine Cat’s Meeting and experience a vision with their mentor, in which a delegate of StarClan (typically a past Medicine Cat) will attest to the quality or lack thereof of the choice the Medicine Cat has made in an apprentice. If the apprentice is greeted positively by StarClan, they are then officially an apprentice to the Medicine Cat.

Beginning Level MCA’s Responsibilities

  • Clear dirty bedding from the sick den and medicine den as required by the Medicine Cat.
  • Run errands within camp for Medicine Cat as needed.
  • Fetch and Carry within the camp for any injured and sick cats.

Due to their inexperience, MCAs in this age range are generally not permitted to dispense or otherwise handle herbs without supervision. They begin to learn the basic skills while carrying out their assigned responsibilities. They memorize herbs, ailments, and treatments, get exposed to lore, and begin to learn the processing of herbal remedies and the like.

While they might attend the Medicine Cat on their gathering trips and while they treat patients, it should be noted that they are generally watching at this point, and not actively diagnosing or selecting the plants to be collected. They are learning the ropes, rather than spending time on activities that might damage cats health.

The Code

While developing basic skills, a Medicine Cat should also see to instilling full respect and understand of the code into their apprentice.

Beginning Code Studies

Every Medicine Cat’s Apprentice should receive a though grounding in the basics of the Warrior’s Code.

^ The Medicine Cat’s Perspective ^

Following a full understanding of the basics a Medicine Cat must learn to understand the code from the unique perspective they possess. This includes a complete grounding in inter-clan relationships and how the code influences such things.


Self Defense

The basic combative defense taught to Medicine Cats so that they can defend themselves in desperate situations. While the best situations involve a Medicine Cat staying out of combat, raw basics are taught for emergency use and to aid in escape.

General Knowledge

Beginning Herbs ^

These herbs are used in the treatment of most ailments, or involved in the prevention of common symptoms. In accordance their memorization is priceless to any medicine cat. Will Include – ??

Basic Conditions ^

These basic conditions are those that most cats experience and ones that are a good place to begin with the training of a young apprentice.

Specific Condition Trainings

  • Coughs – Discussing Kitcough, Whitecough, Greencough, Blackcough, Killingcough, & Chronic Cough
  • Cuts & Bruises ^

Axioms: Wisdom of the past (Beginners’ Level)

Tips, tricks and cautions taught in the words of cats of old.

The Theory of Medicine Cattery

Bedside Manner

The importance of how a Medicine Cat should bear themselves in the presence of a patient, and how this art can aid in the healing of a cat.

The Diagnosis Process

Good sense and straight forward thinking lies at the center of diagnosing the problems of a patient.

Herb Collection & Preparation Theory

It requires a great deal of knowledge to correctly collect and preserve herbs without damaging the medicinal power they hold. Apprentices should be taught the basic, overriding theory of these processes prior to beginning to learn the specifics of individual herbs.

Methods for Herbal Treatment

The basic methods in which herbs can be applied to the patient.


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