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At Mother’s Side

Every society has items that are learned from the parents without formal instruction. These things, learned at “the mother’s knee”, would be bizarre for a character in the clans not to know. The following are always assumed to be in the knowledge repitore of a clan cat character unless it is specifically stated in that character’s history.

The majority of characters would react with confusion at the idea of a cat not knowing the things described in this document.

Basic Concepts of Clan Life


Every kitten born of the clans is indoctrinated with the idea of StarClan, the warrior ancestors who walk in Silverpelt and advise the high ranks, from almost the moment they begin to hear. Most cats don’t remember ever being taught about StarClan, but simply have a sense of being known them all their life.

  • There have been no recent visitations by StarClan.

Rank System

All kits are taught the rank system that pervades the lives of the clan cats. Kits become apprentices, who become warriors (maybe even senior warriors) and eventually elders. They also learn that some very gifted cats might become Deputy (and eventually Leader). The final of these lessons is that a she-cat who is pregnant or raising kits is ranked as a queen.

Your Clan is Best

One of the most important lessons a mother can impart on her offspring, one that usually begins as soon as the ears of the kittens are open, is the idea that they have been granted a special privilege to live in the very best of all clans. The opinions taught by a Queen to her kits will be one part the general opinion of the clan (see sub-file) and another part her own experience with those clans.

  • Inter-Clan Tales, Propaganda and Opinions

Prized Clan Morals

The cats of the clans all prize a certain type of cat (with some variation between the different clans based on specifics) and in accordance kits are typically taught in their youths by their mothers what makes a good clan cat.


  • Loyalty & Dedication – Cats of the Clans are supposed to show unflinching loyalty towards the clan of their birth.
  • Obedience – Cats of the clans are expected to show obedience towards cats in authority. Even in cases in which the orders are disagreed with good cats would follow them.
  • Pride – Cats of the Clans are expected to show pride in their origin as a cat of the clans, and most specifically in the birth into their specific clan.


  • Courage – ThunderClan prizes cats with courage in the face of even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
  • Ferocity – ThunderClan prizes a cat with blood hot enough to face down any challenge put before them.


  • Patience – RiverClan prizes cats of great patience who can be trained to become the best fishercats.
  • Tolerance – RiverClan prizes cats willing to tolerate differences and endure even when they do not feel accepting of the circumstances.


  • Ambition – WindClan prizes a cat ambitious enough to work hard and seek what they desire.
  • Boldness – WindClan prizes a cat of a bold personality that is sometimes associated with a witty tongue.


  • Diplomacy – ShadowClan prizes cats with the ability to work with tolerant diplomacy instead of unnecessary aggression.
  • Resourcefulness – ShadowClan prizes a cat who can act with level-headed resourcefulness instead of panic in the face of challenging circumstances.

Reproductive Education & Protocols

  • The basics of the mating process are taught to kittens by their mother around the ages of 4 to 6 moons.
    • The process of the sex act.
    • The sex act creates kittens.
  • No shame or need to hide the act of mating is taught, but instead that it is a matter best kept between StarClan, the She-cat and the Tom.
  • She-cats have the right to mate as they please, and reveal the tom if they please, but a tom must never admit to mating with a she-cat unless she does so first.
  • A tom never suggests that a she-cat bear his kittens, for he has no right to ask another member of his clan to risk her life for him.
  • Pregnancy is Dangerous
    • Queens can starve more easily during tight times, and are more sensitive to heat and cold.
    • Kittens may become stuck when a queen gives birth.
    • The birthing act can lead to a queen bleeding to death if things go wrong.
    • If She-cats do not brave this danger a clan will die for lack of trueborn warriors

General Ideals of the Code

Clan First

The concept of the Clan coming first is usually something a kit begins to learn early in life. As one of the fundamental and and driving concepts of the Warriors Code, the idea that one’s life belongs to the clan is taught as soon as kittens are old enough to start grasping the concept (typically about 1-2 moons of age).

Gathering Truce

Stories of the gathering truce, the only time in which it is truly safe to meet cats of other clans in a social setting, are told to very young cats. Tales from other clans, and information about the cats from other clans, are also told. The stories of moments when the truce has been violated are told in an admonishing fashion, as situations that should not be duplicated.

  • There have been no recent violations of the gathering truce.

Clan History

Recent History

Every clan’s history is very important, and is related to the kits. Their is a certain level of cleansing and spin on the various takes taught, but the essence of the history is at least correct. Usually the recent history is used to try and reinforce other things mothers try and teach their little ones.

  • Once RP picks up documents will be made for each clan.


The tales of the past that make up the core of the history that all four clans share is an important part of what it taught to young kits by their mother.

Legendary Cats

It should be noted that we do not consider the legends of the Secrets of the Clans to be canon here, and instead one should use the legends provided on our Legends page or the list of Legendary Cats who’s lives might be taught.


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