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Warrior Training – Intermediate

The Intermediate Period of training a mentor should be working to establish their apprentice’s more advanced skills and begin refining them into a cat that will become a full warrior. The mentor should take into account their apprentices actual abilities, not just their age, when deciding which level of training is suitable for their apprentice.

This period typically encompasses the 3rd and 4th moons of training, and are geared towards refining hunting skills and building the foundations for a full fledged fighting warrior. A young cat should be expected to be completing the intermediate training during their 10th moon.

Any files marked with ^ are currently unfinished.

Intermediate Level Apprentice’s Responsibilities

  • Clear dirty bedding from elder’s den, sick den, nursery, and any other den at the request of the Medicine cat, Leader, Deputy, Senior Warriors or Mentor and replace with fresh.
  • Run errands for Deputy, Leader, Medicine Cat, Senior Warriors or Mentor as needed.
  • Fetch and Carry for the Elders, injured and sick cats.
  • Hunt to provide for the elders and medicine cats.
  • Join hunting patrols to perfect hunting skills and gain experience
  • Standing sentry over camp as assigned.

The apprentices of this age group are now of an age where they should be well able to manage on a hunting patrol. Towards the end of this period of training they should be ready (or nearing ready) to start joining border patrols.

Intermediate Hunting Training

Practical Hunting

The apprentice is expected to refine hunting skills on their own, and under the tutelage of their mentor, through practical application and the tasks such as providing food for the queens and elders. This might also include being sent on Hunting Patrols with older cats.

Clan Specific Strategies

The apprentice, having mastered basics, can begin to learn the specific strategies of their clan, including where to find things and how to best hunt the specific terrains the clan possess.

^ Special Hunting Techniques ^

The apprentice, understanding the ways to use the various terrain and places the clan is in possession of, might also learn the various specialized hunting styles that are employed to hunt certain types of creature.

Intermediate Hunting Tactics ^

The next collection of hunting tactics should be taught to the apprentice. In addition some already taught tactics can be expanded on for species of particular value and complexity, or specific types of that type of prey.

Seasonal Hunting

The territories of the clans are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Each moon leads the cats to shift and adapt. A warrior must be ready for these changes and prepared for there ever changing run of prey in their territory.

Intermediate Battle Training

Strikes, Attacks, & Blocks

The art of striking, attacking, and blocking must be mastered.

Basic Practical Combat

The apprentice should be entered into ‘soft paws’ (claws sheathed) training bouts in safe conditions geared towards helping the apprentice manage to apply the strikes, attacks and blocks of other lessons.

Advanced Study of the Warriors Code

Lessons on the application of the code in life, and it’s ramifications in later life and as a warrior through discussion and instruction.


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