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Clan Vernacular

The vernacular of the Clans is highly specific and specialized, with a number of sayings and idioms that don’t transfer directly into English falling into their usage. This document is intended to cover as many of those words and phrases as possible. If you don’t see something in the contents list, try using CTRL+F to find and search this page for the word, phrase, or keyword you are looking for, as it might be considered a variation rather than something that stands on its own.

If you wish to suggest additions please make the suggestions at the bottom of the page. You do not need to submit a completed entry, and every little idea can be considered for inclusion.

Bees in your brain

Variations: Bees in his/her brainI

ndicates confusion on the part of the cat being talked about or to, sometimes emphasizing stupidity as a source of the confusion.

It’s like he’s got bees in his brain.

The code changes for no cat

Variations: A cat can’t change the code

Indicates that the subject that is being discussed is something completely unchangeable.

Geez, the Code changes for no cat. That’s just the way things are.

Curiosity killed the apprentice

Variations: Curiosity killed the kitCuriosity killed the QueenCuriosity killed the WarriorCuriosity killed the ElderCuriosity killed the DeputyCuriosity killed the Leader

A way of telling someone to not snoop and wait patiently to find something out.

Curiosity killed the apprentice, Foxpaw.


Variation: MousedungOtterdungCatdirt

Can replace most negative verbs that implies someone or something is discussing or distasteful in some way.

That’s Foxdung.


Variation: ShrewbrainMolebrainBirdbrainBeetlebrainMouse-for-brainsShrew-for-brainsMole-for-brainsBird-for-brainsBeetle-for-brains

Stupid. Typically used when someone does something stupid, or when talking about someone whose intelligence is being questioned.

That Bloodstar is a mousebrained murderer.


Variations: MouseheartVoleheartShrewheartRabbitheart

An accusation of cowardice.

That mousehearted Cloverleaf is responsible for Slateshadow’s death.

Not the sharpest claw on the paw

Variations: Not the sharpest tooth in the jawNot the brightest star in the skyNot the sharpest thorn on the bush

Used to indicate that the cat in question is not the most intelligent when compared to other cats.

That Robinpaw… She’s not exactly the sharpest claw on the paw

Pair of Sparrows, a

Variations: a pair of sparrowsa bush full of sparrowsa flock of sparrows

Indicates arguing or argumentativeness, frequently between two cats, but sometimes between larger groups.

Those two were like an old pair of nesting sparrows.

The three warriors were squabling like sparrows.

Pass the mouse

Variations: None

Used in the way a human uses ‘pass the torch’.

She’s going to have to pass the mouse someday. She can’t be the Medicine Cat forever.


Variations: StarClan ForbidStarClan Shine on XXX

The idea of using the word “StarClan” as an explanation or expletive.

StarClan! You startled me!

StarClan shine on your hunting.

Sheath your claws

Variations: None
Antonym: Un-sheath your claws

An instruction to stop acting aggressive and/or calm down.

You should sheath your claws when dealing with your apprentice.

Sheath your claws! I was only trying to give some advice.

Stick your tail in a wasp’s nest

Variations: Stick your tail in a bee’s neststuck my/their tail in a wasp’s neststuck my/their tail in a bee’s nestStick your nose in a bee’s neststick your nose in a wasp’s neststuck my/their nose in a wasp’s nextstuck my/their nose in a bee’s nest

Telling someone to go stick their tail in a wasp’s nest is akin to telling them to go away or leave you alone. Claiming than you or another cat has ‘stuck your/their tail in a bee’s nest’ is to say that they have gotten themselves involved in something that was not their affair.

Go stick your tail in a wasp’s nest, Foxkit

I really stuck my nose in a bee’s nest.”


Variations: Dragged his/her tail

Used in reference to an individual considered stupid or brutish.

Tortoisenight is such a tail-dragging simpleton.

Foxbright really dragged his tail when he decided to do that.


Variations: FoxheartSkunkheartOtterheart

An accusation of backstabbing or double-agenting. Also a slight or suggestion that the loyalty of the cat being referred to should be questioned.

He’s rogue-blooded and nothing but a weaselhearted fool.

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