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Warrior Training – Advanced

The Advanced Period of training should have the mentor working to refine the apprentice in fully advanced skills and perfect them into a cat worthy of the warrior’s title. The mentor should take into account their apprentices actual abilities, not just their age, when deciding which level of training is suitable for their apprentice.

This period typically encompasses the 5th and 6th moons of training, and are geared towards the usage of hunting skills for the good of the clan and perfecting fighting skills of the apprentice. A young cat should be expected to be completing their advanced training during their 12th moon.

Any files marked with ^ are currently unfinished.

Advanced Level Apprentice’s Responsibilities

  • Hunt to provide for the elders and medicine cats.
  • Join hunting patrols to provide for their clan.
  • Standing sentry over camp as assigned.
  • Join border patrols to gain combat experience and protect the clan.

These oldest apprentices are nearly warriors in their own right, able to serve (with the aid of older, more experienced cats) in the capacity of a warrior. In accordance many of the fetching and carrying tasks are dropped from those that are expected, so that they can be freed up to spend more time on more practical activities that make better use of the training they have done thus far and gain them the experience they will need to function as a warrior when they are permitted to work without supervision.

Advanced Hunting Training

Hunting Patrols

The continued growth of hunting skills should come mainly through practical application and the inclusion of the apprentice on Hunting Patrols as a fully functional member of that patrol. These patrols should be both with and without the mentor, letting the apprentice gain confidence in their ability to function as a hunter without their mentor.

Advanced Hunting Tactics ^

Education in the most difficult tactics should be undertaken in this phase of the apprentice’s training.

Advanced Battle Training

Advanced Battle Techniques

Combination attacks are explored and taught through practice bouts.

The Art of Teamwork

Working with other cats is taught to prepare them for work in a full patrol.

Practical Patrol Work

When the mentor feels they are ready, the apprentice can begin to join patrols and be included in working border patrols.

Security Measures

An apprentice must have a functional understanding of securing the clan and ensuring that the camp and territory are properly protected, fed, and secured.

Visit to Highstones

Prior to becoming a warrior, every apprentice must visit Highstones. This is typically not done until the mentor is confident that the apprentice is prepared for a warrior name.


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