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Here at CoSC mentoring is considered a privilege, not a right (in many games in the Warriors Fandom it is considered something that every character is going to do). Due to this it is a mark of great trust reserved for the Senior Warriors of the Leader’s Inner Circle.

For the specific requirements of mentoring, please consult the Related FAQ Entry.

Getting an Apprentice

OOC Aspects

Out of Character considerations do factor in, but there is no way to apply for the rank. The only way to help your characters to qualify is maintain a consistent level of activity. Please see also: Senior Warriors.

IC Aspects

The choice of a Mentor is primarily done In Character. Your character’s relationship with the Leader and Deputy is a huge factor in whether or not they will honor your character with such a huge thing.

Apprentice Training

Apprentices must be trained in accordance with the traditions of the clans.

Beginning Training (6-8 Moons)

These youngest apprentices generally don’t see much fieldwork until they have some training under their belts. Cleaning the camp, feeding elders and queens, and just learning the basics of fighting and hunting are the priority.

Intermediate Training (8-10 Moons)

While not yet mature enough for dangerous work yet, these middle-aged apprentices are expected to hunt (both on their own and as part of a patrol) and begin to participate in less dangerous standard patrols.

Advanced Training (10-12 Moons)

These oldest apprentices will be spending less time handling the youngest of the apprentice duties (so long as their are apprentices to do those tasks) and will spend more time handling warrior duties alongside their mentors.


Warriors Code

The Leader (or Deputy, should the leader hand the task off) should ensure that every apprentice learns the Warriors’ Code well. The code defines the very laws that every clan cat is expected to live by, and in accordance any apprentice who cannot answer simple questions about the code should never be promoted to Warriors.


Warriors, responsible for feeding the clan, must be able to hunt. Hunting evaluations run by leader or deputy are intended to establish the level of skill an apprentice has. They must at least prove to be acceptable hunters to be considered for passing into warrior status. (acceptable hunters must be able to cover for their minimal skill at hunting with solid fighting skills)


Defending the territory of the clan and the cats within it is one of the two major aspects of the Warriors’ Career path. The Leader or Deputy should ensure that every cat is at least of acceptable skill at fighting (and should they only reach the acceptable level, they must be a skilled enough hunter to compensate) prior to promotion to warrior level.


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