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Clan Specific Strategies

Each clan possesses a unique mix of terrain and has special challenges associated with them. The ins and outs of these challenges must be known by an apprentice if they are to be a successful hunter.


The great majority of the territory of ThunderClan is forest lands, which need to be hunted with stellar stalking skills and consummate skills to capture the mice, voles, chipmunks and squirrels the dart amongst the undergrowth. Rich with birds, the trees present challenges and give them many places to hide beyond the reach of a cat who’s stalk is not good enough.

The series of open spaces provide a variety of other terrain to hunt. Snakerocks is populated with adder, which is edible but dangerous. The clearings all provide territory for rabbits and hares, though hunting them without a perfect stalk is difficult without a good grounding in chase hunting skills.

The access to the river via Sunningrocks, and the offshoot Sidestream provide spaces for water voles and water shrews to be hunted, in addition to places to fish for those that have learned the difficult skill.


While the specialized knowledge of the art of fishing is amongst the most important things that a RiverClan cat can learn to exploit the river that dominates the territory, there is far more prey available than just what lies below the water. Water Voles and Water Shrews live along the river and are great sources of food when the water is still iced at the edges as the spring thaw rolls in.

Open fields provide space for rabbits and hares to prance about, though they’re another type of prey that requires extra knowledge to hunt well. The marshland just beyond the territory provides the challenges of waterfowl and marshbirds, while the River Copse is a great location to hunt both the common type of birds and the various animals that dwell in the underbrush.


The open lands provide prime territory for the rabbits and hares that WindClan is widly known as a specialist in hunting. The less windswept flatlands do provide a good hunting ground for the small rodents, however, and small of the birds that favor feilds over trees.

WindClan is not without access to the common preys of other clans, and has access to the birds, rodents, squirrels and chipmunks of the forested places by hunting through their access to the treelines. Rodents with also root amongst the rocks and like places that lie scattered through the territory, and the occasional adder is not out of place.


While the Clan possess swamps full of frogs and lizards, their flesh lacks the richness of other prey and the boggy hunting grounds makes for dangerous going for such poor food. More favorable hunting is found by way of the marshbirds and ducks that visit the area, thus learning the special hunting styles for these birds is very important.

More typical hunting can be found in the plains and heathlands that lie around the edges of the swamplands, providing homes to the typical mix of small rodents, chipmunks, rabbits and hares. The common sort of bird life can be found along the Thunderpath edges and at the forest’s edge along with Squirrels. 

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