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Security Measures

While the security of a clan will vary depending on a leader, and for purposes of RP you should consult with your leader player about their expectations, some standards are maintained.

Standard Security Measures


Each Clan would set out a number of patrols every day. These patrols are responsible for securing the borders and ensuring no trespasses against the clan territory happen. They also keep an eye out for predators and other dangers. In addition to these scheduled patrols the hunting patrols would provide a random element as, in addition to hunting, any cat heading out would be expected to be looking for dangers and intruders.

Standard Daily Border Patrols

  • Dawn Patrol at Sunrise
  • Sunhigh Patrol at Noon
  • Dusk Patrol at Sunset
  • Moonhigh Patrol at Midnight

Standard Daily Hunting Patrols (send 2+ patrols out at each time-period)

  • Dawn Hunting Patrol at Sunrise
  • Dusk Hunting Patrol at just before Sunset

Camp Security

In addition to the Patrols that go out through the day, the camp itself requires its own security. The Camp is a sensitive strategic location. If another clan wishes to harm yours, your camp will be a prime target. Should a predator get into camp it would be a nightmare, as the weakest of the camps’ cats stay in the camp.

Standard Camp Security

  • A Sentry to watch the Entrances and Raise needed alarms
  • A Queen in the Nursery at all times to serve as the Kits first line of Defense

High Security

There are times in which a higher than normal level of security is needed. These times include war conditions (or conditions where war is deemed a possibility), times when predators have been sighted but not yet driven off (a difficult and dangerous prospect that can require planning/organization) or following attacks by other clans or rouges of outside cats. Many leaders also address gathering night as a high security time as a good bit of the Clan’s fire-power would be going to the gathering. The following are suggestions for measures a leader may or may not take in response to a situation they feel requires higher than normal security.

Possible Extra Security Measures

  • An additional Sentry(s) Stationed in camp
  • A Camp area patrol to find dangers before they reach camp
  • Additional patrols outside the normal schedule
  • Additional patrols to secondary areas on the normal schedule
  • Security Details for essential cats (Leader, Deputy, MC, MCA)
  • Security Details for vulnerable cats (Kits, Elders)

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