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Medicine Cat Training – Advanced

The Advanced period of training…
Any files marked with ^ are currently unfinished.

Practical Medicine Cattery

Gathering Herbs

At this level a young Medicine Cat should be competent enough to be trusted to handle a good deal of the gathering and preserving of herbs and other medicines for treating members of the clan.

Treating Patients

A young Medicine Cat at this level should be well able to handle most emergencies and illnesses that walk into the Medicine Den with little guidance. All but the most obscure situations should be within their grasp. In accordance, the Medicine Cat may give them charge of the Medicine Den so that they might gain practical experience in healing.

Advanced Knowledge

Advanced Herbs ^

These herbs are the most obscure, or most challenging to administer safely. They are taught to the advanced medicine cat who has completed their understanding of the Intermediate Herbs.

Advanced Complaints ^

Complaints that are the most difficult and complex to treat. They are, however, generally dangerous if left untreated and must be mastered by the Medicine Cat of any clan.

^ Mental Health in the Clans ^

While the clans are generally uncompromisingly harsh when it comes to mental problems some treatments are supported and they are addressed in this file. Untreatable conditions, however, leave little room for mercy.

Advanced Medicine Cat Theory

The Advisor’s Role

It is important that the Medicine Cat ensure that their apprentice is ready to take up the role of advisor to the Leader, Deputy and the members of the clan. Their is no escape from the fact that the medicine cat is looked to for answers that they do not always have and must be able to inspire confidence and action even when the Medicine Cat has no confidence and the path of action is unclear.

The Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon coincide with the cycle of life within the clans. It’s important for a medicine cat advising a leader to know how the moon shines on the lives of the cats of the clans.


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