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Warrior’s Code

When CoSC’s original incarnation began in 2005 there was not even a complete list of code tenants available to players of warriors cat. Thus began a long held tradition of our own poem version of the code. The current version of the code is the 3rd in the history of the game.

The Codes

The Warriors Code

Noble warrior who hears StarClan’s Call, 
Will walk in the light one day over all. 

Before all else shall your clan be your life,
And give for its safety your blood in battle’s strife.
Though family you’ll have and friends may be gained,
No honor above your clan should be maintained.

Respect be always in each word you say,
And learn to treat all in the same noble way.
Suffer never shall helpless and innocent kit,
And claws must never a Medicine Cat hit.

Territories must each clan maintain, 
So the Clan may hunt and fresh-kill be gained. 
But paws of a Clan to their own land must stay, 
To keep borders secured and marked every day.

Know the prey in your home is StarClan’s Gift,
So hunt must you always remembering thrift.
Food first shall go to Clan members in need,
Then may a warrior who hunted then feed.

Never in cold blood shall you cause a loss,
Unless that cat StarClan’s code does cross,
Or only by killing may lives dear be saved.
Never soft like those Twoleg-enslaved.

The Mentor’s Code

Noble mentor who upholds StarClan’s Code, 
Shall teach their apprentice all knowledge they hold. 

The first lesson for a young apprentice to learn, 
Are the borders of clan, down to each frond and fern. 
Every fox-length of land must a young cat know, 
So for food and safety they’ll know where to go. 

Hunting is next as an apprentice task, 
For fresh-kill long enough seems never to last. 
An apprentice shall hunt for all those who have need, 
Elder, Queen and Kit being the first they should feed. 

Next to be learned is the fighting art, 
So in battle for Clan’s safety, one can take part. 
Restraint and honor even in battle must live.
Your life for the Clan be prepared to give. 

Now StarClan’s Truce must the apprentice uphold,
Then their eyes the beauty of Mothermouth behold,
And once each step on the path has been walked,
Will the right to a Warrior’s name be unlocked.

The Leader’s Code

The Clan shall be led, always in truth, 
Leader’s purpose on earth to be StarClan’s proof. 

Every leader shall have a second in command, 
Who can help to run the clan and help keep its land.
In moments when Clan and deputy part ways, 
The next shall be named under Moonhigh’s rays 

A deputy whose leader’s reign does expire, 
As the most senior of warriors shall that rank acquire.
Gifted to each new leader are nine lives to serve, 
And spend for the good of clan with steady nerve. 

When in Silverpelt’s gleam the moon is full, 
Under StarClan’s truce all clans shall all mull. 
Where Stars named by ancestors stand before all, 
And tell of what over their clan has come to fall. 

The leader is charged to give name and rank, 
All the time the will of StarClan to thank. 
Keeping true to clan ritual to please StarClan, 
For that is their edict and part of their plan.

The Medicine Cat’s Code

Medicine Cats shall remain true to their clan,
Though also must they execute the will of StarClan.

Young cats of the calling shall step onto the path,
And once ancestors approval that young cat hath,
Shall the leader of Clan a new name award,
Apprentice of Medicine shall knowledge then hoard

When training’s completed again is a test,
To knowledge and skill might StarClan attest.
Then once again a new name shall all behold,
And side by side shall work healers, young and old.

These cats who know Medicine by StarClan’s Law,
Will never be harmed by clan cat tooth or claw.
On journ to Mothermouth shall never food take,
Nor attack against another shall ever they make.

At waxing half-moon healers shall gather near,
A Moonstone where no Clan Cat dare interfere.
Tongues shall be shared with cats of Silverpelt,
And healers learn of things for future days dealt.

Always shall the Healers place clan before self,
And take as their offspring only the clan itself.
Giving rise to no kits who are born of their descent,
For to choose between blood and Clan is purest torment.


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