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Medicine Cat Training

Here at Children of StarClan we consider the art of Medicine Cattery to be much more complex than the one illustrated in the books. With our consideration that there is more to Medicine Catting that shoving herbs down gullets, we’ve found it necessary to work to put together a guide to training a Medicine Cat.

Becoming an MC Player

OOC Aspects

You must have received an offer from the Administration Team for the position, or had an application for the position of MC or MCA accepted by the staff.

IC Aspects

IC Considerations are very important for these choices, and in accordance they will affect and guide the various choices made OOC surrounding the positions of MC and MCA.

Apprentice Training

It should be noted that not all Medicine Cats begin training at the standard apprenticing age of 6 Moons. Adjustments to the age expectations should be made for those Medicine Cat Apprentices.

Beginning Training (6-8 Moons)

Newly-minted Medicine Cat Apprentices must first learn the basics. Focus should be on memorization of the herbs, symptoms, common illnesses and common injuries in addition to the mastering of various skills and knowledge essential to building a basis for training. The Code should be mastered in its entirety and history be a major focus.

Intermediate Training (8-10 Moons)

Knowledge of the less common illnesses and injuries should be gained, in addition to training in thought processes and the creative use of herbs in treatment. The concepts of complex diagnosis and multiple illnesses at once should be broached. The ideas of omen, prophecy and StarClan must be studied in depth.

Advanced Training (10 Moons & Beyond)

The focus should become the mastery of practical skills, and a growth in complex and spiritual training should be expected. This period of training should be focused on preparing the apprentice for a future as a full Medicine Cat.


Pre-training StarClan Meeting

The apprentice, once selected, must be taken to the Moonstone and sharetounges with StarClan at a Medicine Cat’s meeting. The kit must be able to reach StarClan and converse with them before they can be considered.

Knowledge Tests

Medicine Cats must remember a huge amount of information. Apprentices should be tested regularly to ensure they’re mastering the various levels and items they must master. Herbs, Techniques, Symptoms and illnesses must all be mastered memory perfect and without error. The same goes for mixtures and treatments.

Final StarClan Meeting

Before an MCA can become a proper Medicine Cat they must receive approval from StarClan that they have completed training. On their return they are named by their clan leader if they have passed.


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