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Grand Omens

“Grand Omens” are those that every cat knows well, and the general meanings of are crystal clear even when a non-medicine cat sees them. It may well take a Medicine Cat to unravel the true significance of such an omen, but everyone would know of the occurrence of one.

Clouds Over The Moon

Durring a Gathering

The “Clouds over the Gathering Moon” omen is the greatest and best known of all the omens. It holds true only during the course of a gathering, and is only in response to those actions taken at a gathering. It is the mark of StarClan having abandoned the gathering itself, refusing to tolerate the events going on there. It is an extremely severe omen and is rare. More common is the swirling of clouds at the edge of the moon, marking displeasure. Most incidents that turn StarClan from the gathering involve physical violence.

At Other Times

While clouds covering the moon when a gathering is not in session lacks the clarity of a similar sign during a gathering, this positioning of clouds is not an auspicious omen. While it may not mean StarClan is unhappy, it does mean that things are darker than they should be. Bad things are more inclined to happen, and outcomes or actions might not be of the quality one can normally expect.


A Moonbright, when the moon is extra large in the sky, is a time when StarClan’s eyes are on the forest. It indicates that the eyes of StarClan are turned and paying attention. The Moonbright suggests that things are going well, but care must be taken not to deviate from the proper path. If a Moonbright coincides with any other omen moon it simply intensifies the meaning of that moon.

Falling Star

At Most Times

When a star falls it indicates that a spirit from StarClan has opted to come to earth for a reason known only to them.

In Groups (A Starfall)

When stars fall in groups, called a Starfall, it normally indicates a time of calm before some momentous event that has drawn the attention of so many StarClanners.

During a Birth

A falling star is considered bad luck during a birth. Too much attention from StarClan on one so young does not bode well for their ability to simply enjoy their kithood. The more stars that fall the more intense this sense of unease at the attention of StarClan would be felt.


Durring a Gathering

A Moondark, when the moon is blotted out in darkness, during a gathering is a very negative omen. Similar to clouds covering the moon during a gathering a Moondark indicates that StarClan is displeased with some element of the ongoing meeting and wishes to draw the most intensive attention they can to the matter. It is the ultimate way in which StarClan separates themselves from the happenings at a gathering.

At Other Times

Moondarks sometimes happen at times other than gatherings. These cases of the moon being blotted out by darkness indicate that things going on in the earthy realm are not what StarClan wishes of the cats they oversee. A Moondark is difficult to interpret because it might indicate a problem with a single cat in all the clans, or an entire clan. In accordance a Moondark forces all to carefully consider what they are doing and what others are doing.


Sundarks happen when the sun is blotted out in darkness for a short time. A Sundark is considered an omen of ill and should be responded to with caution and care. While it may not indicate anything about StarClan’s mood, it definitely indicates what is to come and that the future must be watched with wariness.


During a Gathering

A Tigermoon, when the moon is colored orange, is known to be a time of StarClan’s favor. Negotiations between Clans during a Tigermoon are especially auspicious.

Birthing a Litter

A litter born under the orange Tigermoon can be expected to be especially healthy and large. Tigermoon litters are known for having a high number of kits and few stillbirths.

At Other Times

A Tigermoon at other times indicates that prey can be expected to run richly and be easier to catch in the orange moonlight.

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