PSA #16 – Establishing Precedent

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Here at CoSC we try to create and maintain a set of standards. These standards are typically designed and enforced in relation to the current accepted precedent. In some cases, CoSC defines its own precedent and in others it uses its own custom created version.

This PSA is intended to explain how precedent is established to help players understand the rules and the angles that the administration will be using when deciding how to build those rules and make those rulings.

Seniority of Precedent Sources

This “equation” or sorts was created by Willow and I have simply hijacked because it provides a clear and concise explanation.

CoSC Precedent = CoSC Information > Book Information > Fandom Standards

This means that CoSC information sources on this website are considered the most valid for making calls in relation to character sheets and historical stories for this game. In cases in which CoSC has not established information of their own it is acceptable to turn to the books for ideas. Accepted Fanon (information from the fandom at large) is used only in desperate cases, and in many of those cases fanon will be discarded in favor of writing CoSC information on the subject.

In fact, in many cases the administration will choose to bypass things established by the books in favor of taking the time to create a standard for a topic.

It is through this system that CoSC evolved into a game unlike any other in the fandom, and it is due to this desire to continue to maintain our singular status in the fandom that we continue to evolve and revise our standards.

“Grandfathered” Usages of Information

Many of you might ask if things that have been used in the past can be “Grandfathered” in and remain in use. The preference is that things do not get grandfathered in, but there will be situations where we would do damage to the canon of the game by making a change.

Due to this things such as changes to name standards will not affect those names already in use (IE: It is decided that a word is outside the Realm of Experience of the Clan Cats, but there is already a cat using that name, then that cat will be able to continue using that name, but no other future cat may).

As of the transition from the “Children Years” to the new “Chosen Era” there are no grandfathered items being permitted for transfer from the Children site. Only Chosen Era items will be permitted to be grandfathered as of 2019.