Character – Create – Clan NPC

Now that your character is put together, thank you for putting together the NPC parents!

Welcome to NPC Clan Cat Creation!
Please remember that NPCs should only be made for the significant cats named in your character’s profile, and that your character must be approved prior to creating the related NPCs.

  • The individual that plays the character. This should be you and no one else.

  • If you feel your application is prepared to be reviewed for acceptance, please make the request here.

  • Names should be selected for your character with the leader granting it in mind as the leader's tastes play into what names are acceptable.

  • Please re-enter the character name for purposes of the system properly saving the character file for you.

  • This will be Non-player Character due to your use of this form.

  • Select the moon your character was born in. See the full list of moons here.

  • Select the rank your character holds in the clan it belongs to.

  • Select the clan to which your character belongs.

  • Select your character's biological gender of birth. If you choose "other" please specify the individual condition resulting in the other gender classification.

  • If your character has been spayed or neutered, please indicate that here.

  • Provide any personality information that is also backed up in the character sheets of the Player Character this NPC is tied to.

  • Record a description of the appearance of your character in this box. This must be at least one complete sentence that is suitable to derive a short description from.

  • Various dates of significance. These can be added after initial creation, don't worry.

  • Please provide what history information exists for this NPC. At the least all information from the Player Character this NPC is tied to should be provided.

  • Select Unnamed Sire

  • Select Unnamed Dame

  • Check any offspring of your character. They must be created already to appear on this list.

  • This area may be used to include details about your character that are not appropriate anywhere else in the sheet (such as desired names, etc). If you wish to not include any of these things, leave the field blank.

  • These notes are visible only to the creator of the character and the Character Approvals Team.