These rules reflect the basic expectations for conduct in role-play at CoSC.

This document is subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the forum when they are made.


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  • Prophecy requires Admin Team Approval.
  • Posts
    • must be at least 3 sentences long.
    • must have a where stamp added.
    • must have a timestamp added.
    • with the same character are expected to be managed reasonably by players.
    • are conducted using a posting order for fairness.
  • Combat
    • is to be conducted using 5 second “rounds”
    • must not contain any form of godmodeing.
    • must not contain any form or powerplaying.
  • Activity
    • is checked every IC moon at the pre-gathering meeting.
    • expected is a minimum of one thread per month.
    • means that “In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences


Limitation & Regulation of Prophecy

Prophecies must be approved before they appear in Role Play by Game Administrators and any other related Leader/Deputy/Medicine Cat Players. Omens must be approved before they appear in Role Play by Game Administrators and any other related Leader/Deputy/Medicine Cat Players. Clouds over the moon at any Gathering can only be announced by Game Administrators .

Plots with any sort of prophecy, visitations by StarClan cats, or the like, must be approved before they appear in Role Play by Game Administrators and any other related Leader/Deputy/Medicine Cat Players.


Minimum Post Length

Posts must meet a minimum length requirement of 3 complete sentences with longer posts being preferred. Players who make posts of less than 3 sentences will receive a formal warning. Those who receive consistent warnings may be expelled from the game at the discretion of the game administrators.

Reasonable Self Limitation

A player is expected to keep themselves within reasonable limits. This means that players need to think before they join threads, particularly if they are involved in a large number already, or if they’re involved in ones that might change the way their character would respond in the current thread.

When Threads Happen

Every threads must be clearly marked with an indicator of when in game time in happens. This is accomplished by filling out the mandatory lines on the posting form for the day and moon of the thread.

Where Threads Happen

Every thread must be clearly marked with a Wherestamp in the original post. This indication of where a thread happens should use a location listed in the area descriptions on the Wiki. It is suggested that you work to be as clear as possible on the location a thread is happening to avoid confusion.

Posting Order

When you’re in a thread, all other people in a thread should be permitted to post prior to you making another post. A thread should automatically be using a posting order regardless of how many or how few players are involved. It is a matter of respect for the other people in the thread and their right to participate equally once they’ve joined.


Time/Combat Rounds

When characters fight in character there has to be a fair way to give each one an equal chance to be involved in the combat. That is accomplished by using a system of “rounds” of combat. A round is a section of 5 seconds In Character time in which each player is given the opportunity to explain their character’s actions. When characters fight IC, each player is entitled to a full chance to have their characters respond on behalf of their character. During a round your character can engage in a number of actions, but the string of actions should not be beyond the scope of something that can be done in 5 seconds.


Godmoding is the act of using those things you (the Player) knows but the character does not while playing that character. This includes such things as pulling things out of the thoughts included in the posts of other players about their own characters and things that are referenced in other threads that your character would not be aware of, including items like combat weaknesses. Godmoding is explicitly forbidden by both these combat rules and the CoSC General Rules.


Powerplaying is a complex thing that will not be defined here, but will instead use the definitions provided in PSA #11. To avoid powerplaying or accusations of unfair conduct in a fight a cat should never completely dodge more than 2 consecutive attacks. While this rule will be taken with a grain of salt, it will be used by Admins as a dipstick to assist in identifying certain kinds of powerplaying. Powerplaying is explicitly forbidden by both these combat rules the CoSC General Rules.


Activity Checks

For every IC Moon that occurs, an activity check will be held for all Player Characters approved and active within the game (Approximately every other month). All users, excluding those with approved LOAs that were filed prior to the start of the check, are expected to post in the appropriate threads with their characters or face OOC consequences such as confiscation of their character.

Character Activity Expectation

Players are expected to be active with each character in at least 1 thread per month in addition to meeting any rank-specific additional requirements their character may have.


All Role Play happening on CoSC is intended to be consensual. All players involved and effected by a thread must exhibit willingness to participate and accept the result. “Intense” scenes, such as those that involve fighting, death, or other mature themes, are particularly subject to this policy. ICA=ICC Policy will always take precedent over the Consent Policy in role play, and players will be considered to have consented to the results of extreme actions (such as attacking another or smarting off to their leader) simply by taking them to avoid Retroactive Continuity (retcon) in which RP is considered never to have happened for reasons of poor player judgment.

When using another player’s character in a character sheet you must have the player in question contact the approvals staff with a notification of their consent for the appearance prior to submission for approval.


The acronym “ICA=ICC” translates as “In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences”. This rule means that your character’s actions with have In Character (IC) consequences. By doing something using unsound judgment a player as automatically consented to the results of the scene. If this results in extreme consequences for your character, so be it.