How Long Until…

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What Do I Do If Things Are Not On Time?

If an application of yours is not on time, drop by the Application Forum and make a polite request to check into what’s delaying your application. Staff will make every effort to sort the issue out.

How long until my Short Description is Assigned?

Short descriptions are usually assigned within 24 hours of your character being approved. If it has not been added, do not add one yourself, instead contact one of the Admin Team via private message or discord and they will either attend to it themselves or pass it off to another admin. Contact only one of them, rather than all of them.

How Long Until My Character Gets Processed

Player Characters

Expect a 72 turnaround time for character checks. If more than 72 hours passes feel free to drop Kitsufox a PM with a link to the character. If you do PM Kitsu, be sure to check the News & Updates forum, as you might find a reason for the lag listed there.

Non-player Characters

NPCs move much, much slower than PCs, and are not on any sort of schedule. The only time that you should worry about their non-approval and the pacing is if the character is intended to go up for adoption, in which case you may request expedited processing by contacting Kitsufox and she will make sure your character ends up on the priority list.

How long until my adoption application gets processed

Similar to character processing adoption offers should be answered within 72 hours. If you have one that has been pending for longer than that you are urged to contact Kitsufox with a polite reminder about the request.

How long until my genotype request is processed?

Genotype requests vary greatly in the processing length. If you have a request filed because you have a litter application in your request will likely be processed in conjunction with the much more expedited process of litter application. Other requests for genotypes will be processed as time becomes available and can take as long as a month.

If you have had a requested genotype outstanding for more than a month you may contact the Admin Team in regards to the status of the request and why it is being delayed.

How long until my character shows up on the “My Characters” page

This should happen within about 30 seconds of the character being approved at most. The system is automated, so as soon as things get processed by the website it should show up.

If you have a character stubbornly refusing too show up, contact Kitsufox and she’ll look into the matter.