On the Subject of Character Creation

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What are my options if I can’t finish a character right now?

You can either “drop” a pending character (have the page deleted) or move it into “storage”.

How do I get rid of (drop) a pending character?

You drop a character by going to the character sheet, clicking Edit (not Edit with form), select all the text in the edit box, delete all text in the edit box, and save the page without any content. Once you have the blank page, you simply leave it. As soon as an admin sees the edit the page will be deleted.

How do I store a pending character?

There are two ways in which you can store a pending character. Meathod number 2 should only be used if you cannot make sense of number 1.

  1. Move your character to a subpage of your userpage (IE: User:Yourusername/Character:Charname) and then place a link on the userpage (Code for that is: [[/Character:Charname|Displaytext]]).
  2. Send a PM to Kitsufox requesting that a pending character get stored.

What form should I used to create a character?

This depends entirely on what sort of character you are creating. If you read carefully on the Character Creation Pageunder the tab that applies to the type of player that you are, you will find out what your options are and be able to tell which of the forms you should be using.

Why do I need to have approved characters to adopt?

Here at CoSC we have found that players who do not go through the approvals process lack an important understanding of how the interpretation of the warriors world here at CoSC works. In accordance with this, we force all players to go through the approvals process.

It should, however, be noted that new players are not banned from all adoptions. Our adoptions department contains a section listing characters available for eased adoption. Eased Adoption means that character has been made eligible to be adopted by a user not normally otherwise eligible for adoption with the agreement that they will undergo the approvals process before the adoption is finalized.

What are the expectations for character quality?

Our Expectations for Character Quality are outlined on This page. You can see that they are not unreasonable, and if you are a moderate writer you should be able to meet them with little trouble.

How can you have quality requirements and length minimums and still consider the game “Free-for-all”?

We’re free-for-all, but we have requirements because we believe that labels like “Literate” or “Advanced” are inappropriate for a game and put up walls that prevent new players from being exposed to RPers of higher levels who can inspire them to growth as writers and role players. In taking on a free for all point of view in which we refuse players access to our game only if they refuse to learn or work to reach our minimum standards if they are above that users’ current level so that no user will be turned away simply because they lack practice or experience.

Why can’t I list a cat as a mate? I can only get them to show up as “mated with”!

Amongst the clan cats we simply don’t acknowledge “Mates” because there is no formal recognition and thus no formal way to have “my mate”. You may wish to view the Clan Mates & Mating Traditions Documentation for full details.

Where non-clan cats are concerned the “Mated with” was selected over “mates” to allow for listing of cats even when commitments are not implied by the mating. It is expected that the history of the character will be used to reveal whether or not the cats mated with are bonded or not.

For non-clan groups the displayed label is dependent on the group.

How do I change the group my character belongs to?

Assuming that your character’s group change is backed up by RP, you can alter your character’s group by scrolling down to the bottom of the character sheet and clicking the words “Use Full Edit Form”. Unlike the normal form you get by clicking the button at the top of the page, this form grants access to all options, including options for every group in the game. You’ll just edit as needed here, and then save the page again.