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Featherflight – Chosen of StarClan
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A Non-player Character played by Faux

Warrior of WindClan
A Female cat.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Living at the age of 54 Moons (4.2 Years)
Short Descrpition: A mid-furred red ticked tabby she-cat with primitive markings, a fluffy tail, and yellow eyes
Long Descrpition:

Featherflight is built a bit on the lankier side with sleek muscle beneath her mid-length fur. She has a dark sorrel pelt, dense fur ticked with primitive tabby markings and a lighter, cream underside. She had an average length, slightly bushy tail and normal sized ears, and is of a sizable height with almond shaped, yellow eyes.


Featherflight is a cat who wore her emotions on her paws, and freely gave her time and efforts in the preservation of her clan. She thought herself witty, and always had a joke to share.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Green (2016)
Full History:

Featherflight was born to unassuming parents, and dedicated herself not only to pursue duties in life, but also pleasures. She was given Cloudflare, then apprentice, to mentor, eventually becoming a cat of importance in his life. Other than her usual day to day duties, she continues to be a rock in his life.

Sire: Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Dam: Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Featherflight Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()
Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Featherflight has been compiled into the bans records.
Featherflight is a Female Cat with a Red Non-color restricted pelt of Mid-length Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Yellow and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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