Lucille Von Noon

Lucille Von Noon
A Non-player Character played by Faux

Domestic Cat
A Female cat who identifies Female.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Living at the age of 6.4 Years (83 Moons)
Short Descrpition: A long limbed, silver spotted tabby longhaired oriental she-cat with pale green eyes
Long Descrpition:

Lucille comes from purebreed Oriental Longhair stock. Her sleek form is lined with dainty muscle, with long legs and a sharp angular face. Her narrowed eyes are a pale green, and ears classically triangular. Lucille silvery, spotted tabby coat is lengthy and plumed at the tail tip, whose markings more bold by her head and paws.


Lucille is a creature of habit and tradition, and while her decisions may seem harsh within her family, she does so with the intent of improving her bloodline’s standing. She is a she-cat of few words, and expects the best from her family as she firmly believes that hers is superior and looks down on cats who are of mixed breeds. Her affections are saved solely for her offspring, and rarely, others whom she desires more of a professional relationship with. Though her favor and good humor swings on a whim, she will always try to maintain the image her status requires of her as the matriarch of her family’s dynasty, the Duchess of Noon.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Melting Waters (2014)
Full History:

Ever since Lucille was born her life has been one of custom and prestige. She has never known or seen the hardship of the wilderness and was kept and trained in the traditions of show. Her well to do humans often toured with their cats before establishing the cattery themselves when she was young. Her mother and father taught her that their human servants, whom they called attendants, had served the Noon dynasty since the time of their great-grandparents and had come from a land called France.

These humans did well by Lucille, and she was taught to flaunt her family’s bloodline before other humans and cats. These gatherings were the highlight of her life, and during these shows she came across many cats from many such catteries, but was introduced to a fellow Oriental Longhair named Laurent, or “Lavish Lord Laurent” per his exquisite title. Their combined catteries toured the world, and she became a mother to a litter of her own, her eldest she named Lelouch after her father, alongside two other kits, and juggled showing and raising kits to the best of her ability, all while being Duchess of Noon, the star cat of the Duchy von Noon Cattery.

It is her who ran her household, mediated important tasks between kingdoms, deligated grand showings, and hosted parties among her cat constituents, tasks that would be passed down to her eldest and heir, Lelouch.

Sire: Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Dam: Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Offspring: Lelouch Von Noon (A lilac spotted tabby longhaired oriental tom with gold eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Lucille Von Noon Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()
Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details
Home Location: 204 First Avenue
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Lucille Von Noon has been compiled into the bans records.
Lucille Von Noon is a Female Cat with a Gray Non-color restricted pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Foreign build. Their eyes are Green and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Long legs. They are of Purebred Oriental descent.

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