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Nightrain – Chosen of StarClan
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Warrior of WindClan
A Male cat.
By Pending Sire out of Pending Dam.
Living at the age of 14 Moons (1.1 Years)
Short Descrpition: A long tailed, medium sized tom with white spotted black fur and lime eyes.
Long Descrpition:

Nightrain was born all black, hence he was named Nightkit. As he got older he started to develop small white specks on his face, and eventually all over his body. The little spots on his body would lead to his name when he became a warrior, Nightrain. He has yellow-green eyes, and a rather long tail. He is slightly above average in size.


Nightrain is chatty and loud. He’s happy to start a conversation with anyone, or join anyone for any random activity in which they may want to partake (be it business or pleasure). This leads him to be rather impulsive, and to not always think things through. He’ll often be willing to jump into a risky situation. He works hard and more than anything wants to feel like he’s a real contributor to his clan. He is kind of obsessed with WindClan. Nightrain basically thinks that they are the perfect clan, and isn’t particularly interested in the others, even though he loves to socialize with cats from other clans at Fourtrees because it means he gets to talk to them about how cool WindClan is. To be clear: He is not hateful or particularly prejudice, he is just naive and has it built up in his head that his clan is perfect. In his mind, his love of running is further proof of how perfect his clan is, surely he’d never get to run so much if he wasn’t born on the moors!

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Fishing (2019)
Full History:

Kit History: Nightkit was born all black with two siblings, Dustkit and Shadekit, both girls. Even from when he could first start walking around he loved to play with his siblings, his mom, his dad, the other kits, and anyone else who stopped by to visit. He loved hearing stories about the Clan, and always had a million questions. On a number of occasions he would try to sneak out to go chat with some of the warriors he’d met. To him, they were the perfect cats, the heroes of all the stories he’d been told, or at the very least the relatives of the heroes of his stories! Even though it would always end with them dragging him back, he just felt desperate to be around them a little bit. They were the coolest. On the day that it was finally Nightkit’s turn to become an apprentice he could not wait to find out who his mentor would be! He spent all day going through the list of the various warriors who didn’t have an apprentice, and just to be safe, the ones that did, too! Finally, he was waiting with his siblings to be called by their new names. First, it was Shadepaw to get called, and shortly after that Dustpaw. They both got such amazing mentors, and Nightkit was doing everything he could to appear calm, but the anticipation was killing him inside. But after what felt longer than the rest of his life combined he was called by his new name, and in that moment, when he found out who his mentor was he couldn’t help but feeling a brief moment of disappointment. Why couldn’t it be all of them!?! All of that was gone the moment he thought back to his new name, Nightpaw! It was finally happening. Someday, he’d be super cool, too. Apprentice History: His first few moons as an apprentice were reasonably uneventful beyond the usual fair of training, but to Nightpaw every single moment with his mentor was like a grand adventure. Each trip around the boundaries of the territory on patrol was a sacred mission to protect his clan! Every hunting success was a chance to feed his heroes or the give the other young kits something tasty to chow down on! And any moment in fight training was to keep WindClan on top! Nigthpaw truly loved every minute of it. As often as was possible, Nightpaw would volunteer for as many trips out of the camp as possible. It made him feel alive. All the same, he was more successful as a hunter than a fighter, at least in the early parts of his training. Nothing was more fun and exhilarating to him than chasing down rabbits! On the other hand, training to fight was something he found tough. He certainly did his best, but he wasn’t nearly as competitive as his sisters, he wanted to talk to them, patrol with them, hunt with them, but never fight them. All the same, he put in his best to improve with his mentor, and of course requested to train as often as he’d allow. Regardless of how hard he worked, however, Nightpaw found himself in trouble more than he should have been. He hated being stuck in camp, and any excuse to leave would have him on board in no time! Occasionally, he’d pretend to resist, but his feet would certainly already have been moving to the exit before he even finished pretending. Sometimes it would mean sneaking off to go exploring when they shouldn’t, especially by the West Treeline. He found that whole area to be fascinating. He’d seen kittypets over there before. Those may have been the most interesting cats he could possibly imagine. Apparently, he learned, they live with the twolegs. What must they be like? Do they talk to the twolegs? Have they ever even chased down a rabbit!?! He had so many questions. So every so often when one of his friends would come up with a reason to go he’d always suggest heading out that way. Unfortunately for him he was never able to make contact. The kittypets always ran away if they ever got very close. Still, someday… It was on one of these little excursions in The Moon of Long Nights that Nightpaw found himself in a bit of real trouble. Shadepaw and him headed out that way; she always found his fascination with the place bizarre but found encouraging his weirdness amusing. As they approached the West Treeline over by the Moorlands, the two of them heard the strangest noise in their entire lives. The creature making it was a strange brown and black bird with blood-red horns on its head, and what looked like dead meat coming from its beak! It had a ridiculously strange way of walking, poking its head forward and back, and legs that were simply much too small for its body. For as terrifying as it sounded, it looked absolutely delicious. Shadepaw and he were hidden behind a rock, and discussed what it must taste like. “With a fat body like that, I’m sure it could feed the whole clan, Nightpaw!” He was excited at the idea. And it was pretty obvious that Shadepaw knew what she was doing, “So you’re going to have to catch it!” “Wait, why me!?!” Nightpaw shot back, narrowing his eyes. To which his sister ducked away behind the rock a bit more, acting bashful, “Well, we all know you’re the best hunter of all of us apprentices! I’m sure I’d simply alert it and then everyone would miss out on an incredible meal.” Somehow, he didn’t notice. He was nervous, this may have been the biggest bird he’d ever seen, but Shadepaw was right! This could feed everyone he if just managed get his claws into it! And surely he was WindClan, there was nothing he couldn’t do! As it turned and made its horrible yowl again he started to slip out from behind the rock, making his way closer. His tail was twitching in anticipation as he got closer. He could tell he was scared, but he told himself that was his tummy excited to try a brand new meal and share it with all his friends. It was time! He was in the perfect position, he could already taste the success. He reared back, and JUST as he was about to leap, it happened. A twoleg leaped over the fence. He’d never seen a twoleg run before, let alone jump. What did he do? He shot a look back at Shadepaw, whose eyes had grown massive. She ducked further back behind the rock from before. Nightpaw just froze. Maybe it wouldn’t see him. It seemed to be bounding after the large bird after all! In no time at all the twoleg had somehow swept up the bird, and tossed it back over the fence. He’d never seen a twoleg so close before. And had never realized how huge they are. “How do Kittypets live with these things?” Somehow the thought ran through his head, and he had to snap himself back into focus. That’s when he felt every hair on his body stand up. The twoleg had turned to look at him. They were making eye contact. And it started to crouch and move towards him. Was he in danger? Is that how they hunt? He finally got his legs to start moving, only slowly backwards. The twoleg had one if it’s weird paws out, and was making a little clicking noise followed by a high pitched whine that sounded like, “shh tee tee, tee tee”. He had no idea what to do. The twoleg was getting close, just grazing his nose when he finally he heard it, “RUN!” It was his sister. That snapped him out of it like a bolt of lightning and he was off. He saw his sister in the distance and followed her without looking back. It was only just sunrise, and just their luck he found himself barreling straight into the first patrol of the morning just as they made it near camp. It did not go over well. He and his sister never forgot that bird, though. Someday, when they were amazing warriors, they’d get that bird. And he’d learn all about those kittypets, and how they can possibly live with that monster he met by the West Treeline. It wasn’t too long after that incident that Dustpaw noticed some white spots were appearing on his face. First around his nose, and then over the course of a couple of moons they started to pop up along his body as well. For a while he was scared that it was because a twoleg touched him, something he kept only to himself for some time. Eventually, he would tell his sisters. During the following moons he worked as vigilantly as possible, hoping to prove to himself that he was still going to be an amazing super cool warrior of WindClan. Certainly this didn’t stop him from continuing to get into his fair share of mischief, but he never had an incident quite as scary as that again. And so, on schedule, he became a warrior along with his siblings during Tiger’s Wraith. Nightpaw was excited, and starting to feel better about things. The incident was behind him, and it didn’t seem like anything bad was going to happen just because he was getting some spots, and he even thought it looked kind of neat when he saw himself in the river. One might say he even felt rather proud of them. So nothing could have made him happier than the name that was chosen for him by StarClan, Nightrain, named for the spots that looked like drops of rain. It wasn’t a twoleg curse after all. And he was finally the coolest cat in the world, a warrior of WindClan.

Sire: Pending Sire (Sire will be created after approval)
Dam: Pending Dam (Dam will be created after approval)
Full Siblings:
Pending Dam (Dam will be created after approval)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Nightrain Pending Sire Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Pending Dam Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Significant Cats
Pending Mentor (For characters awaiting mentor creation.)
Notes & Additional Details
Previously played by: Nightrain
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Nightrain has been compiled into the bans records.
Nightrain is a Male Cat with a Black Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-large Size and Common build. Their eyes are Lime and ears are Normal. Their tail is Long, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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