Cats of Rank

Leader: Unfilled [ APPLY ]
Deputy: Unfilled
Med. Cat: Rowanglade
M. C. App.: Unfilled

Character Details

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The WindClan of the books is typified by little more than speed and nerves with their rabbit-exclusive hunting style making them vulnerable to the natural fluctuation in density of prey species. The WindClan of Children of StarClan has disguarded much of this very negative sterotype in favor of one more suited to the environment they live in.


Details on WindClan’s territory will be forthcoming soon.


Though WindClan is best known for their skills at catching rabbits, their territory also runs rich with other prey. Birds can be found at the Treeline, along with mice and the occasional squirrel. Moles can even be hunted if a cat slips over into the Garden and is quick enough to strike before they slide back underground. Mice and the odd adder might be found at Rockfield.


Hunting rabbits on the moors has given rise to a group of cats used to quick hunts and in possession of even quicker tempers. WindClanners are proud cats with a sharp edge to their tongues.


A discussion of the common physical traits of WindClan’s cats will be forthcoming soon.