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Open Gathering Attendees List (14FF)

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Thunderclan was at peace the twilight before the Gathering, with gentle sunsetting rays disappearing, one by one, as the trees covered the sun. The moon had begun to rise, climbing it's way up into the sky, showing off it's craters and pale whiteish-ness.

However, peace was not coming to one cat. That was Moosestar. The newest Leader of the clans. 

He had just become Leader that moon, and the other clans didn't even know he had become Leader yet. They still knew him as Moosestride! Surely that would be a surprise, Surely it'd go well.. He hoped it would go well. 

Either way, there was no stopping now. It was twilight, and Moosestar had waited long enough to decide. He stretched his lanky legs before trekking up to the high rock and climbing on top of it. He made to the position Goldenstar always did for meetings. It comforted him slightly to know that Goldenstar once stood here, benevolently leading the clan under his gentle green eyes. He swallowed. No waiting, no time to sit and remember the past. 

The time was now.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the high rock for a clan meeting."



Moon of First Fishing 2020

Anyone of Thunderclan who is of age or has the required training to go to a Gathering!


Assembling members for the soon Gathering! Once assembled, the group will then leave and the thread will end.

EXTRA NOTES: This thread happens AFTER the ceremony thread! Brindlekit, Dovekit, and their siblings have become apprentices at this point!


To the right of the high rock, next to the entrance of the campsite.

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Wrentalon's ears perked up as Moosestar announced a clan meeting. With a flick of his ear he sat in front of the high rock, wrapping his tail over his paws as if to protect them from the chill of the night. 

If there was one thing Wrentalon liked, it was gatherings. Something about cats from all different clans uniting under the full moon. Once every moon there was the chance to hear about news from some clan other than Thunder Clan, it was unpredictable. 

Just how Wrentalon liked it. 

He wrinkled his nose as he looked up at Moosestar. 

As long as he doesn't ruin everything. 

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Mistyleaf's thick fur kept her insulated from the chill in the air as she took her spot in front of the Highrock. She had gone to the previous Gathering, but Mistyleaf wouldn't complain if she went again. It was expected for new apprentices and their mentors to go together, wasn't it? It would be fun to see Dovepaw and the rest to meet the other Clans.

And they'll learn who everyone is, Mistyleaf thought. At least the high-ranking ones. Just knowing the names of the different leaders and medicine cats wasn't the same as seeing them in the flesh. Should I remind Dovepaw of them before we leave?

Hollyclaw, Warrior of ShadowClan
Dawnflurry, Deputy of ShadowClan
Mistyleaf, Warrior of ThunderClan
Thornstrike, Warrior of RiverClan
Shadesleek, Warrior of WindClan
Morgan, Royal Scion of Camelot
Duke, Rogue

Hawkfeather, Elder of ShadowClan
Nettlesky, Warrior of RiverClan
Ceridwen, Princess of Camelot

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I get to meet the clans! I get to meet the clans! a singsong mantra of rushing eagerness had roused the young she-cat earlier than Moosestar had called the meeting. She was already up and about, but situated herself properly in front of Highrock waiting for the meeting to officially begin. Following custom, Brindlepaw was certain that she'd go - alongside her sister and Mistyleaf, of course! Speaking of which, she greeted her with a arch of her tail.

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Cloudflare, Warrior of Windclan
Palestar, Leader of Shadowclan
Cottonbright, Warrior of Riverclan
Bravesong, Elder of Thunderclan
Nettlekit, Kit of Riverclan
Brindlekit, Kit of Thunderclan
Otterwhisker, Elder of Riverclan
Ahryndae, Princess of Camelot

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Dovepaw had been enjoying a well deserved nap. Along with running with the dawn patrol and going over the borders of Thunderclan territory, the repetition of the patrol starting to wedge itself into her mind, she had been working on her hunting skills as well. She was still a little clumsy, and as such still made noise when she stalked her prey, although she had managed to catch herself an unsuspecting young squirrel who had been stuffing it's face with a nut.

When Moosestar's voice broke into her sleep, she jerked away and blinked slowly, sleepily. Wha-? Then she remembered! Tonight was the Gathering! As a new apprentice, she should be going with Mistyleaf and Brindlepaw, right?! As she got to her paws and exited the apprentice's den, she hurried to join the crowd of gathering cats before starting to hurriedly groom herself. Even if she didn't look her best, she wasn't going to go with moss scraps in her fur!



Tigerrush was sitting just outside her den, finishing the last few bites of the mouse she was enjoying for her dinner when she heard Moosestar's summons. Ah yes, the Gathering was tonight, wasn't it? Good thing she had grabbed something to eat when she did then. She wouldn't have had much time to otherwise. Finishing her last bite, she ran her tongue over her lips to savor her meal and when that little bit was gone, lifted a paw to begin washing her face. 

As a medicine cat, she would certainly be going, but her ears twisted back towards where her leader stood on the Highrock, curious to see who else he would be allowing to go with them. She wasn't in a hurry to join the gathering clan, as she could hear nicely from where she sat.